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Introducing the..

Reusable plastic moving box


Made of durable, recyclable plastic; Moovaboxes stand up to stacking and rainy days much better than typical cardboard moving boxes. Our boxes are 800 x 430 x 320mm and hold 73L.

Zip ties


Secure your Moovaboxes while in transit with Cow-ties to keep your stuff in and rustlers out. These zip ties are stronger and less expensive than packing tape. Free with every order.

Moving box dolly


Stack your moovaboxes and move them with ease on MoovaWheels. They function like a dolly and are custom sized to fit the Moovaboxes.

Moving blanket


Protect your prized possessions while moving with a Moovablanket. These blankets are tough and thick for the best protection of your posessions.



Lots of heavy lifting? Make easy work of it with one of our hand carts.